About me

My name is Ricky Davis, known online as Spyci. I'm a Systems Engineer with over 10 years of experience professionally in IT and another 10 years of self-taught/ hobby IT experience. Throughout my career, I've delved into various domains, including Computer Systems Technician (CST), System Administration, Software Development, Data Science, Network Engineering, and "Cloud Engineering." In my free time, I work on hobby projects such as developing tools or mods for games I enjoy, helping manage communities on various social platforms, prototyping (but never finishing ) games, or playing around with self-hosted applications (like this blog!) in my homelab.

About this site

I love helping people; however, throughout all of my IT hobbies, a pattern has emerged in which I end up putting all of my knowledge in a YouTube video or on a Discord server. The problem is, when other people have similar problems to mine, they're unable to find my solutions because Google doesn't index Discord servers, and so they spend weeks trying to solve an issue with the only answer obscured in a random Discord server in a comment from 2020. With this blog, I will try to remedy that and solidify my knowledge in a location that is easily sharable and searchable.